Cosmic Fog Vapors is Taking the Vaping World by Storm

16th Apr 2015

At Vape Connexion, we carry a multitude of different e-liquid brands. With so many different brands and flavors available, 

as well as accessories and hardware, we have everything to meet all of your vaping needs. We pride ourselves on the selection of quality products we offer. We are also proud to offer Cosmic Fog Vapors to customers. According to, Cosmic Fog Vapors was voted in at #6 for the top e-liquids available, but what is it about this particular brand that has everyone buzzing?

Cosmic Fog Vapors comes to you out of Orange County, California. It is a relatively new e-liquid company and they currently only have 6 flavors. However, with flavors like these, who cares about having an endless selection. Cosmic Fog has been taking the vaping world by storm with its delicious and popular flavors. Their flavor selection includes:

  • Kryptonite- Melon Candy flavored
  • Milk & Honey
  • Cola Gummy- Gummy cola bottle candy flavored
  • Church- Ice cream sundae flavored
  • The Shocker- Strawberry and tropical fruit blend
  • Nutz- Strawberry preserve and almond butter flavor

These flavors are gaining new fans every day and with flavor like these, it is easy to see why Cosmic Fog is climbing the e-liquid ranks. They put a lot thought and care into their e-liquid flavors. reports that Cosmic Fog Vapors spends, roughly, 7-10 months on each flavor to ensure that each one is made to perfection.

Although we do not carry all of Cosmic Fog’s e-liquid flavors, we know that you will love the flavors that we do have. It’s time to embrace the Cosmic Fog Vapors experience.