E-Cigarettes Offer a Cheaper Way to Smoke

15th Apr 2015

You have heard it time and time again from numerous e-cigarette manufacturers, e-cigarettes are more cost-effective 

than traditional cigarettes. It is easy to make claims such as these, but before consumers decide to invest their hard earned money into a new, slightly unfamiliar product, they want some kind of explanation and evidence that supports the claim. How are e-cigarettes more cost-effective than traditional cigarettes, you ask? Well, we will tell you.

While the initial cost of an e-cigarette starter pack may be more expensive, it will eventually pay for itself. The cost of traditional cigarettes ranges from state to state, however, according to learn.eversmoke.com, a quality pack of cigarettes can range from $7-$12. If you are a pack-a-day smoker, you know first hand how expensive this can get. The average monthly cost of e-cigarettes is about half of what traditional e-cigarettes cost. This is because the e-liquids last typically last longer so, you won’t be running out to buy a new vaping liquid every day. Another great thing about e-cigarettes is they not subject to the same taxes as traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes are also quickly becoming more mainstream and accessible, which should allow for their cost to decline. If you think of other technology and devices, such as laptops and iPods, while they are not exactly cheap, generally their prices have decreased over the years.

It is time for you to stop wasting money and ditch those traditional cigarettes. If you are still skeptical about the cost effectiveness of e-cigarettes, try them out for yourself. You don’t have anything to lose! Order one of our starter kits online today and experience the savings for yourself.