Myths and Misconceptions Surrounding E-Cigarettes

14th Apr 2015

By now, you have probably heard several different rumors about how dangerous e-cigarettes are. However, this happens when anything new is introduced to the consumer market. People attempt to understand the product and they do research to try and determine whether or not they want to invest in the product. This process is only magnified when one’s health is involved and consequently, myths and rumors emerge to either deter or encourage consumers from purchasing the product. At Vape Connexion, we wanted to address some of the misleading claims that surround e-cigarettes, as well as the e-liquids.

  • They Are Not Better Than Traditional Cigarettes- Many people claim that because e-cigarettes still contain nicotine, they are not healthier than traditional cigarettes because nicotine is harmful to your health. This is not entirely true. While e-cigs still contain nicotine, nicotine has not been proven to be extremely harmful to the body. While it is very addictive, the main concern surrounding traditional cigarettes are the chemicals and carcinogens. E-cigs are free from these chemicals.
  • Vapor From E-Cigs is as Harmful as Second Hand Smoke- As we mentioned before, e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco or any of the harmful ingredients and chemicals in traditional cigarettes. Therefore, the vapor does not contain any of these ingredients either. It is strictly vapor and is not harmful.
  • No One Knows What is in E-Cigs- If you purchase your e-cigarettes from a reputable company, they will disclose the ingredients in the e-liquid. This goes for any product. Generally, if you are working with a trusted company, there is no question about what ingredients go into a product so, you know exactly what you are inhaling or ingesting.

These are just a few of the negative myths that surround e-cigarettes. As with any product, it is always important to do your research before investing in e-cigarettes. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of Vape Connexion’s products, please feel free to contact us.vxcbottle1.jpg