Protect Your E-Cigarette Device From the Intense Summer Heat

26th May 2015

While summer time means it is finally time for all of those fun outdoor activities, it also means that scorching heat is on its

way. From swimming to running through the sprinklers, we do a number of fun things to try and beat the summer heat. However, we are not the only ones affected by this intense heat. If you are not careful, the summer heat can take a toll on and even destroy your e-cigarette device. Vape Connexion has a few tips to help you care for your e-cigarette during these hot summer months.

Don’t Leave It In the Car

Have you ever left your cell phone in a hot car for a couple of hours? What happened when you came back? Chances are that most of you came back to an empty black screen because your phone overheated and shut down. Just as the heat can potentially damage your phone, it can also damage your e-cigarette. Try to avoid leaving it in a hot car during the summer.

Keep Your E-Liquids Cool

It is important to store your custom flavor e-liquids in a cool place. High heat can negatively affect the e-liquid flavor, as well as your e-cigarette’s performance. However, it is also important to avoid freezing your e-liquids. Severely cold temperatures can negatively affect the flavor, as well.

No Dirt or Sand

During the summer, many people spend a lot of time outside or go on vacation. Whether you are vaping outside at home or on the beach, it is important to keep sand and dirt out of your e-cigarette so it doesn’t clog up. Try keeping your e-cig in a case until you are ready to use it.