Protect Your E-Cigarette Device From the Intense Summer Heat

26th May 2015

While summer time means it is finally time for all of those fun outdoor activities, it also means that scorching heat is on itsway. From swimming to running through the sprinklers, we do a number of f … read more

Keep your E-Cigarette Running Smoothly By Keeping it Clean

4th May 2015

We use our e-cigarettes a lot like our phones. We use them when we want or need to and then recharge them at night so they are ready to go the next day. However, just as you should wipe down your … read more

Cosmic Fog Vapors is Taking the Vaping World by Storm

16th Apr 2015

At Vape Connexion, we carry a multitude of different e-liquid brands. With so many different brands and flavors available, as well as accessories and hardware, we have everything to meet all of y … read more

E-Cigarettes Offer a Cheaper Way to Smoke

15th Apr 2015

You have heard it time and time again from numerous e-cigarette manufacturers, e-cigarettes are more cost-effective than traditional cigarettes. It is easy to make claims such as these, but befor … read more

Myths and Misconceptions Surrounding E-Cigarettes

14th Apr 2015

By now, you have probably heard several different rumors about how dangerous e-cigarettes are. However, this happens when anything new is introduced to the consumer market. People attempt to understan … read more